Frank  On the day I went away...
           All  Good-bye... 
         Frank  Was all I had to say...
           All  Now I... 
         Frank  I want to come again,
                and stay. 
           All  Oh, my, my...
                On the day
         Frank  Smile, 
                and that will mean I may. 
                'cause I've seen,
                blue skies 
                Through the tears 
                in my eyes
                (Magenta yawns with disinterest) 
                And I realize,
                I'm going home.
                going home				
           All  I'm going home.
                going home
                (Magenta yawns) 
                 it's been the same...
           All  ...feeling...
         Frank I'm outside in the rain...
           All  ...wheeling...
                to try and find a game...
           All  ...dealing...
         Frank for sorrow, cards for pain. 
                'cause I've seen,  oh, blue skies
                Through the tears in my eyes
                And I realize, I'm going home.
   Frank & All  I'm going home. (3 times)
                (applause, then crowd disappear)
       Magenta  How sentimental. 
                (Frank turns around and sees the house empty)
     Riff Raff  And also presumptuous of you. You see, when I said we were
                to return to Transylvania, 
                I referred only to Magenter 
                and myself.
                I'm sorry, however, if you found my words misleading,
                but you see, you are to remain here; 
                in spirit, anyway.
     Dr. Scott  Great heavens! That's a laser!
     Riff Raff  Yes, Dr. Scott. A laser capable of emitting a beam of pure
          Brad  You mean... you're going to kill him? 
                What's his crime?
     Dr. Scott  You saw what became of Eddie. Society must be protected.
     Riff Raff  Exactly, Dr. Scott. And now, Frank N Furter, your time has
                Say good-bye to all of this, 
                and hello  to oblivion.

                (Columbia screams - get zapped)
                (Frank tries to escape by climbing the curtain)
                (Frank screams - gets zapped, falls)
                (Rocky moans over and falls on Frank's body)
                (Picks him up and begins to climb the tower -
                 gets zap, zap, zap, zapped - falls into the pool to his death)
          Brad  Good God! 
         Janet  Oh! You killed them! 
       Magenta  But I thought you liked them. 
                They liked you. 
     Riff Raff  He didn't like me!
                He never liked me!
                never liked me				
     Dr. Scott  You did right.
     Riff Raff  A decision had to be made.
     Dr. Scott  You're O.K. by me.
                (holds out his hand as to shake it with Riff Raff)
     Riff Raff  Dr. Scott, I'm sorry about your...
     Dr. Scott  Eddie?  Yes, well, perhaps it was all
                for the best, heh, heh, heh.
     Riff Raff  You should leave now, Dr. Scott, while it is still possible.
                We are about to beam the entire house
                to the planet Transsexual, 
                in the galaxy of Transylvania.
                (Brad and Janet wheel Dr. Scott out of the house)
                (to Magenta) Our mission is completed, my most
                 beautiful  sister,
                and soon we shall return to the moon-drenched shores of our
                beloved planet.
       Magenta  Oh... sweet transsexual
                Land of night...
                To sing and dance once more to your dark refrain.
                To take... 
                step to the right!
Riff Raff & Magenta     Ha!
     Riff Raff  But it's the pelvic THRUST!
                (flashback to Time Warp sequence)
           all  That really drives you insaaaaane
       Magenta  And our world will do the time warp AGAIN!