(Brad and Janet are crawling around on the ground outside
                the castle, in mist)
                I've done a lot 
                God knows I've tried
                To find the truth. 
                I've even lied.
                But all I know is
                down inside I'm...
           All  bleeding...
                (Janet comes on the screen like a cat)
         Janet  And super heroes 
                come to feast 
                To taste the flesh 
                not yet deceased. 
                And all I know 
                is still the beast is... 
           All  feeding... 
                (Brad is on the ground)
                (Janet is on the ground)
                (Dr. Scott is laying on his back on his wheelchair)
                (Red light on Brad)
                (Scene starts to spin, and fades into a spinning globe,
                 which the narrator stops)
      Narrator  And crawling 
                on the planet's face
                Some Insects
                called the human race... 
                Lost in time
                and lost in space
                And meaning.
           All  Meaning...