The Rocky Horror Picture Show
         Dr. Frank-n-Furter (a scientist)              Tim Curry
         Janet Weiss (a heroine)                  Susan Sarandon
         Brad Majors (a hero)                     Barry Bostwick
         Riff Raff (a handyman)                  Richard O'Brien
         Magenta (a domestic)                     Patricia Quinn
         Columbia (a groupie)       Little Nell (Laura Campbell)
         Dr. Everett V. Scott (a rival scientist) Jonathan Adams
         Rocky Horror (a creation)                 Peter Hinwood
         Eddie (ex-delivery boy)                       Meat Loaf
         The Criminologist (Narrator) (an expert)   Charles Gray
       The Transylvanians:
         Perry Bedden            Fran Fullenwider
         Christopher Biggins     Lindsay Ingram
         Gayle Brown             Penny Ledger
         Ishaq Bux               Annabelle Leventon
         Stephen Calcutt         Anthony Milner
         Hugh Cecil              Pamela Obermeyer
         Imogen Claire           Tony Then
         Rufus Collins           Kimi Wong
         Sadie Corre             Henry Woolf

  Original Musical Play and Lyrics by  Richard O'Brien

                           Screenplay  Jim Sharman
                                       Richard O'Brien
   Musical Direction and Arrangements  Richard Hartley
              Director of Photography  Peter Suschitzkey
                Film and Music Editor  Graeme Clifford
                               Design  Brian Thomson
              Original Costume Design  Sue Blane
                     Incidental Music  Richard Hartley
                        Dances Staged  David Toguri
                      Sound Recordist  Ron Barrow
                      Music Recording  Kieth Grant
                        Dubbing Mixer  Bill Rowe
                       Dubbing Editor  Ian Fuller
                     Assistant Editor  Rodney Glenn
                      Camera Operator  Denis Lewiston
                         Camera Focus  Mike Roberts
                         Art Director  Terry Ackland-Snow
                 Construction Manager  Dick Frift
                          Set Dresser  Ian Hitlaker
                              Make Up  Peter Ross-King
Based on original make up designed by  Pierre La Roche
                          Hairdresser  Ramon Gow
                             Wardrobe  Richard Pointing
                                       Gillian Doos
                   Production Manager  John Comford
             First Assistant Director  Mike Gowans
                           Continuity  Sue Merry
                  Casting Consultants  Celestia Fox UK
                                       Otto and Windsor USA
                Production Accountant  Ron
                      Special Effects  Wally Veevers
                                       Colin Chilvers
                   Associate Producer  John Goldstone
                   Executive Producer  Lou Adler
                          Produced by  Michael White
                          Directed by  Jim Sharman